Our People

Our Directors

Vickie Skorji

Lifeline Director

Vickie Skorji is Director of the TELL Lifeline

Giles Duke

Executive Director

Giles is TELL’s Executive Director

Billy Cleary (M.A., LMFT)

Clinical Director

TELL’s Clinical Director — Billy is a graduate of Wheaton College’s Marriage and Family Therapy program in Illinois, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Our Staff

Saya Tanahara

Okinawa Outreach Coordinator

Saya is responsible for outreach in the Okinawa area

Kazumi Sato

Billing Coordinator for Okinawa

Kazumi is responsible for arranging insurance reimbursement and tracking payments at TELL Okinawa. 

Emily Embers, MSW

Intake Coordinator

Emily is the Intake Coordinator for Okinawa and processes all of the referrals from our local and military community

Cole Garrett

Corporate Services Manager

Cole is responsible for TELL’s corporate services

Ciera Thomas 

Billing and Administrative Specialist

Jack Shaw, Ph.D.

Outreach Coordinator

Jack is responsible for outreach coordination in Tokyo/Kanto

Laurel Pegler

Lifeline Assistant

Laurel is a lifeline assistant at TELL

Aditi Parekh

Volunteer Coordinator

Aditi is a Volunteer Coordinator at TELL

Haley Waggener

Kansai Outreach Coordinator

Haley is responsible for outreach coordination in Kansai

Toshiko Hano

Tokyo Office Coordinator

Toshiko is TELL’s Tokyo Office Coordinator

Electra K. Vasileiadou

Training Assistant

Electra is a Training Assistant at TELL

Emily B

Web and Graphic Design Coordinator

Emily is TELL’s Web and Graphic Design Coordinator

Selena Hoy

Outreach Coordinator

Selena is TELL’s Outreach Coordinator

Jane Lofthouse

Lifeline Training Coordinator

Jane is TELL’s Lifeline Training Coordinator

Yukari Koga

Financial Controller

Yukari is TELL’s Financial Controller

Our Clinical Coordinators


Intake Coordinator

Hana is TELL’s Intake Coordinator

Jenny Reed

Clinic Manager and Psychotherapist

Clinic Manager and Psychotherapist— Jenny Reed is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor through the State of Florida

Chizuko Ogane, (CP, PP, CC)

Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead — Ms. Ogane earned her master’s in education from the University of Maryland. She has more than 20 years of experience as a therapist and has worked at a mental health hospital, in educational settings, and with organizations

Shannon Ikuta

Clinical Coordinator