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Psychological Assessment for Children
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Is your child struggling in school? Is your child having problems with behavior at home? Are you wondering what this is all about?

This service is helpful in identifying a variety of mental health and learning problems, including:

  • ADHD

  • developmental issues

  • learning problems

TELL Counseling provides comprehensive psychological assessment services for children and adolescents in Japanese and English.

Since we began offering this service in 2007, TELL Counseling has provided assessments for students of local and international schools in Japan, Japanese returnees, as well as children from bi-cultural families.

Psychological assessment service at TELL Counseling is conducted in a series of different methods/procedures, such as interviews with family members, standardized tests, and questionnaires. This service is administered by our experienced clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists and is individually designed to meet the needs of each child.

Based on the result of the evaluation, our psychologists also offer appropriate recommendations and support to the child’s family and educators. 

The testing sessions are only offered in-person at our Tokyo office. Intake interviews and feedback sessions can be done remotely.

Please note that all reports are delivered in one language (English or Japanese), and we are not able to provide translation services.

Assessment Flow


Intake assessment with parents (50-75 minutes – online)

  • Discuss the purpose of the assessment
  • Questions from parents if any
  • Decide the type of assessment
  • Schedule the assessment days


Complete questionnaires before the final day of the assessment 

  • Submit consent form and Release of Information
  • Complete questionnaires 
  • Contacting school teachers for inputs through questionnaire


Assessment day (1-2 days – @TELL office)

*Please make sure to show up on time for the assessment appointments. In the case of late arrival beyond 15 minutes, a prorated late fee in accordance with our hourly rate will be charged.


Writing report (approximately 6 weeks after the completion of the assessment)


Report & Feedback session (50 min – online)

  • Psychologists explaining the result
  • Recommendation & Referral if necessary


Feedback/consultation session with school (If requested by parents)

  • Parents’ participation is encouraged

List of Assessments

Fees for Assessments

For assessment package C and assessment package D, an initial payment (non-refundable) of ¥75,000 (tax excl.) must be paid within one week after scheduling an appointment(s) with the assessment intake coordinator. The rest of the payment will be charged at the completion of the second day of assessment. 

The written testing report will be provided only after the final payment is received and confirmed by TELL Counseling.

*Note: Please note that a feedback session is not included in the intelligence testing.

 Note: School observation is not included in the assessment packages.

The comprehensive neuropsychological assessment consists of all three areas (intellectual, academic, and cognitive). 

While the psychoeducational assessment mainly covers intellectual and academic skills, and the intelligence test includes only intellectual.

Assessment FAQ - Table of Contents

What is TELL’s definition of children?

Our definition of a child is according to Japanese law: as of 2022, those under 18 years old are considered minors.

What kind of psychological assessment do you provide?

Our main services include the following three assessment packages: comprehensive neuropsychological assessment, psychoeducational assessment, and intelligence testing. For more information regarding what these three assessments include, please refer to our visual chart and table.

How can I make an appointment for my child’s assessment?

We accept inquiries from school teachers/tutors, but only parents and legal guardians can initiate the process and schedule an appointment. For more information regarding scheduling an appointment for your child, please click here.

Do you offer assessment services in other languages besides English?

Besides English, we are able to offer psychological assessments in Japanese. We may suggest certain parts of the assessment to be conducted in Japanese if your child’s first language is Japanese or if you suspect any learning problem in the language.

I live outside of the Kanto area; do you offer this service outside of Kanto?

We only provide testing services at our Tokyo office. You are welcome to do an intake session from your home as it will be conducted online. However, for assessment, we ask that you come to our Tokyo office for two days for a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and 1 day for a psychoeducational assessment. If you are planning to visit us from outside of the Kanto area and are unable to stay long, please consult with us.

How long does the assessment take?

The length of the assessment depends on the type of assessment. The comprehensive neuropsychological assessment requires two full days (typically from 10:00 am until 2:00 – 3:00 PM on the first day, 10:00 am until 12:00 – 3:00 PM on the second day) including lunch breaks; however, please note that the length of the second day also varies from child to child. Thus, we ask the parents to be flexible in picking up the child, especially on the second day. 

As we want to assess your child’s best performance without fatigue, please ensure your child does not attend school on the assessment days.

*Please make sure to show up on time for the assessment appointments. In the case of late arrival beyond 15 minutes, a prorated late fee in accordance with our hourly rate will be charged.

What should I bring to the appointment?

If your child wears glasses, a hearing aid, or any other devices, please bring them to the testing sessions.  Also, please bring a drink and a light snack for a break.

Does the sliding scale apply to assessments as well?

We do not offer a sliding scale for the initial intake interview. However, if you wish to apply for the sliding scale rate for the assessment sessions, please find more information on this page, along with the necessary information and details about the application.

Can I use Japanese National Health Insurance or private insurance for this service? 

Services at TELL Counseling are not covered by Japanese National Health Insurance. 

Most foreign private insurance companies cover all or a portion of the cost of the assessment when policy provisions such as pre-authorization or a referral by a medical doctor are met. For information on payment from a neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment, please contact your healthcare insurer directly to determine the specific authorization procedures that may be necessary. 

Please note that TELL does not accept payment directly from third parties. We are able to provide an invoice for families if necessary for reimbursement purposes.

What is the cancellation policy for assessment?

One week advance notice is required if you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment. If the client fails to do so, the initial payment (¥75,000 excl. tax) will be taken as a cancellation fee, and a new payment (¥75,000 excl. tax) must be paid to secure the new appointment(s). If a child cannot attend the second day of the assessment without notifying us in advance (if this is a two-day assessment), TELL Counseling will charge a 5 hour regular fee (1 hour – ¥20,000 x 5 hours) plus tax. If your child needs to cancel due to medical concerns or emergencies, please let us know by email at your earliest convenience.