If your life is in danger, call the police at 110

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring about unprecedented health and economic challenges, especially for the most vulnerable, which have already seen an increase in suicide rates within Japan.

TELL’s Lifeline and Outreach services provide critical support for people dealing with suicidal thoughts, relationship breakups, domestic violence, rape survivors, workplace issues, bullying, loneliness, and gender issues, among others. We believe having someone to talk to when you are alone or feeling vulnerable can make all the difference in making it through the night.

Retaining our NPO license is essential to us continuing that work!

In order to retain that license each year, the Tokyo Government requires us to have at least 100 people donate a minimum of ¥3,000. We cannot provide any enticement or incentive, nor can that donation be accompanied by an exchange of goods or services. This means the financial support we receive from our annual fundraising events does not count towards achieving the minimum of 200 donations even though that highly appreciated support is essential in funding our ongoing work. 

In 2021 208 Heroes donated to help us retain our vital NPO status. The TELL community stepped up in one of the most resilient ways possible for mental health. Please donate once again to help us meet our 200 Heroes goal in 2022. Your donation ensures we retain our NPO status and continue to help support our community.

Please become a TELL Hero by clicking on the button below and joining us in helping to ensure everyone makes it through to tomorrow and has an opportunity for a brighter future.

TELL's Heroes

TELL's Heroes

Thank you to our 2023 Heroes for your generous donation of ¥3,000 or more. Your support makes a difference.

Adrian Knight, Stuart McCallum, Shiori Schules, Catherine Sinegal, Hermawan Winata, Sam Gordon-Johnson, Susan McKenney, Jay Willmann, Rieko Kieffer, Lukas Bonick, Per Knudsen, Robert Sanderson, Thomas Baker, Harm Binnenkade, Rebecca Thorn, HSIEH MEI YANG, Jon Paul Toppino, Juliet Wicks, Alexander Dmitrenko, Tomofumi Matsuyama, Tomoki Sakata, Uchimura Maiko, William Frece, Abigale Pechie, Adam DiFrischia, Alex Martin, Andrew Jonell, Anthony Lien-Rubbert, Baxtercrook Technical Institute, Phoebe Thomas, Ryan McIntee, Samuel Howitt, Scarlet Swordfish, Spencer Toole, stephan brunello, Steve Gill, Victor Arrien, William Mcnabb, Jean Ohmae, Keith Douglas Daniels, Whitney Jordan, Moriaki Kida, Beatrix Holland, Marion Yanase, Kirstyn Takahashi,

St Alban’s Church,
Tsuyoshi Akiyama,
Tadashi Takemori,
Rikako Okiura,
Hwa Jin Song Montesano,
Christina Ahmadjian,
Columbia International School,
Miwako Okabe,
Ryan Cavasos,
Zachariah Taub,
Michael Perry Clemons,
Emiko Bandai,
Junko Shimase,
Sabrina De Almeida,
Cam Blatchford,
Chris Warriner,
Daniel Mathias Dominic Barlow,
Emma Pember,
Gustav Granlund,
Gwyneth Wilson,
Helen Rich,
Ike Wagner,
Cory McGowan,
Akemi Suzuki,
Ross Rowbury,
Kevin Stoll,
Kana Takagi,

 Harm Binnenkade, Ruth McCreery, Ryan Cavasos, Welaine Cortez, Asami Kurano, Christine Cush, Gurmeet Goindi, Hinako Takamatsu, HOMMA AYA, Ikue Abe, Iuniu Stef, James Chen, John Hock Thye Chew, Joseph Won, KEIKO JONES, Ken Merner, Kyulim Lee, Liang Zhu, Mac Andrews, MAHOKO SASAKI, Masashi Sato, Michiru Uchida, Mio Hayashi, Miyuki Tani, Momoe Shimada, Nicholas Hook, Paul Rafael Ruiz, Rica Miyata, Rie Shibukawa, Risa Itagaki, Ryoko Akita, Scott Sakima, Shannon Hirai, Shihui Liang, Shinya Yamamoto, Taehyung Lee, Tatehito Fujisaki, Jerry Rattanong, Jordan Hilditch, linda hanson, Love Sjölund, Madeline Copp, Mark Henry Lentz, Mark Reel, Matthew Hereth, Matthew Mitchell, Matthew Thomson, Maximilian Vanlancker, Michael Buckley, Michael Wasson, No More Whoppers, Paul Wilson, Peter Eby,