If your life is in danger, call the police at 110

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring about unprecedented health and economic challenges, especially for the most vulnerable, which have already seen an increase in suicide rates within Japan.

TELL’s Lifeline and Outreach services provide critical support for people dealing with suicidal thoughts, relationship breakups, domestic violence, rape survivors, workplace issues, bullying, loneliness, and gender issues, among others. We believe having someone to talk to when you are alone or feeling vulnerable can make all the difference in making it through the night.

Retaining our NPO license is essential to us continuing that work!

In order to retain that license each year, the Tokyo Government requires us to have at least 100 people donate a minimum of ¥3,000. We cannot provide any enticement or incentive, nor can that donation be accompanied by an exchange of goods or services. This means the financial support we receive from our annual fundraising events does not count towards achieving the minimum of 200 donations even though that highly appreciated support is essential in funding our ongoing work. 

In 2021 208 Heroes donated to help us retain our vital NPO status. The TELL community stepped up in one of the most resilient ways possible for mental health. Please donate once again to help us meet our 200 Heroes goal in 2022. Your donation ensures we retain our NPO status and continue to help support our community.

Please become a TELL Hero by clicking on the button below and joining us in helping to ensure everyone makes it through to tomorrow and has an opportunity for a brighter future.

TELL's Heroes

TELL's Heroes

Thank you our Heroes for your generous donation of ¥3,000 or more. Your support makes a difference.

Toyokazu Asari
Stuart McCallum
Barbara Hancock
Rieko Kieffer
Shiori Schules
Vickie Skorji
Jean Ohmae
Tyler Douglas
Pete Juds
Keith Douglas Daniels
Whitney Jordan
Susan McKenney
Sam Gordon-Johnson
Carolyn Pieroway
Jay Willmann
Alexandre Dmitrenko
Cory McGowan
Lukas Bonick
Per Knudsen
Robert Sanderson
Thomas Baker (Tom Baker)
Jin Song Montesano
Akiko Hara
David Gartman
Jon Paul Toppino
St. Alban’s Church Nippon Seikokai
It’s Okay! Project
Tiziana Alamprese
Austrade Tokyo Social Club
Tadashi Takemori
Miwako Okabe
Zachariah Taub
Michael Perry Clemons
Maurice Ludell Rabb
Mika Ikubal
Karen Lucas
Ian Woollard

Beatrix Holland
Vivien Feldman
Pete Juds
Ann Jenkins

Erika Tada
Yuka Annen
Pooja Sharma
Michael Ryan
Rebecca Thorn
Tsukuba International School
Eric Golden
Regina Salathe
Geraint Holt
Ann Endo
Anatole Varin
Eugene Ryan
Joanna Chinen
William Ryan
Adrian Keight
一般社団法人 生命保険協会東京都協会
Benjamin Ferguson
Yunkyung Baik

Stephanie Turner
Elizabeth Okada
Bran Cowart
Andrew Statter
Mark Darbyshire
Joshua Bryan
Luke Eyes
Benjamin Silverman

Rachna Ratra
イクバル ミカ
Georges-Emmanuel Rigas
Sean Lindley
Sarah Hassen
Daniel McGrath

Aaron Do
Titan Consulting KK

Jaeyun Ryu
David Price
Jean-Marc Rocher
Kevin Leidheiser
Brenda Thomas
Joanne Greenway
Kay Group K.K.
Midori Kaneko
John Carlson
Rob Russell
Amanda McCready
Jenn Hatton
Alex Pedini
Matt Wade
John Schnoes
Rick Romanko
Mark Tofflemire
Kohsuke Hiraoka
Kjell Yadon
Luke Cheng
Brent Reichow
Robert Pauling
Keith Martin
Todd Olson
Tony Guercio

Roland Thompson
Kiyoko Kudo
Kenichi Kudo
Koichi Namba
Hiroko Kuji
Tatsuya Kimura
Bill Smith
Sonny Tolentino

Pas Panaligan
Sabrina Hassanali
Shannon Quon

Lance Mitten
Women’s Conference
Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022 募金箱
Mete Yazici
Kathy Burton-Lewis
Kate Forster
Agatha Quiztie
Sara Makise
Andrew Neuman
宗教法人 日本聖公会東京教区
Ruth McCreery
Paul Harvey
Joanna Yokokawa
Susan Yoshioka
Evan Burkosky
Ross Rowbury
Philipp Tautz
Cole Garrett
Tanmay Goel

Nicola Yeboah
Ben Steiner
Jean-Marc Rocher
Rebecca Arthur
Global Fund For Mental Health
Ved Kamat
Nancy Kobayashi
Thierry Porte
Micah Manquen
Andrew Tidmarsh
Bessie Okada
Paul Romelot
一般社団法人 東京アメリカンクラブ