TELL has a range of educational and outreach programs aimed at helping improve the wellbeing of individuals in our community.

Our extensive outreach programs cover a wide range of issues that are important to the international community, and provide up-to-the-minute information on available resources.

• Company Stress Checks
• Suicide Awareness & Prevention
• Exceptional Parenting
• Lifeline School Awareness
• Disaster Relief & PFA
• Child Protection
• Anti-Bullying


Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Learn the warning signs and risk factors for youths and adults through our workshop and help save lives.

Corporate Services

Use TELL’s corporate services to increase mental well being and productivity in your workplace.

Company Stress Check

TELL can administer a stress assessment to all employees in either English or Japanese as mandated by the government

Exceptional Parenting Program

Offering networking, resources, support and a speaker program for parents and educators of children with diverse needs.

Lifeline School Awareness Program

Letting young people know the TELL Lifeline is a safe, anonymous and confidential place where they can freely discuss any issues.

Disaster Relief & PFA

TELL provides Psychological First Aid training, a proven method of ensuring appropriate support reaches those in need when disaster strikes.

Child Protection Program

Focusing on the prevention of child abuse and intervention in cases of abuse and neglect by providing support and updated information about the Japanese Child Protection System.


No one deserves to be bullied. Join TELL in making a difference and changing young lives for the better.