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TELL collaborates with NGOs

After the devastating events of March 11th, 2011, TELL worked tirelessly to provide counseling, support, information, and resources to people in need in an effort to meet the dramatic increase in mental health needs in Japan.

Working with International Medical Corp., TELL provided state-of-the-art Psychological First Aid (PFA) training to many NGOs and support organizations working with affected people. Much of this work was made possible thanks to financial support from International Medical Corps, AmeriCares, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

Download a summary of the work TELL did in providing Psychosocial and Mental Health Support After the Earthquake here (pdf).



TELLは海外NGOとの協働で、被災地の支援をする様々な団体を対象としたサイコロジカルファーストエイド(PFA)の研修を大震災直後から実施しました。また、PFAが今後も継続して行われていくよう、PFA研修参加者を対象にPFA トレーナー養成研修を行いました。支援者を対象とした心理的サポートサービスは、International Medical Corps、アメリカ・ユダヤ人共同配給委員会(JDC)とAmeriCaresからの助成金を受けて無償で提供されました。

More information about PFA training in English.

More information about PFA training in Japanese.


Psychological First Aid training is a proven method of ensuring appropriate support reaches those in need when disaster strikes. If your organization is interested in training your staff, please contact us.

Past PFA workshops

2014: French Embassy

2013: Embassy of the Republic of Angola, Australian Embassy, British Embassy, Canadian Embassy


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NPOs and NGOs that participated in PFA training with TELL:

NPOs and NGOs that collaborated with TELL in Disaster Relief Projects: