Every day for 47 years TELL Lifeline has been providing important connections and support to people all across Japan. We save lives.


(Available every day; please check for exact hours for phone)

(Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:30pm – 2am; check for other hours)

03-4550-1146 (Tokyo)

050-4560-1082 (Okinawa) Mon – Fri

You don’t have to be suicidal to reach out. Whatever is troubling you, we are here to listen.

No one needs to struggle alone. Reach out and connect with us, our Lifeline Support Workers are here for you.

Our service hours are split across our phone and chat platforms. We are available from 9am – 11pm Monday – Thursday, and 9am – 2am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please check our social media to find out whether we are currently available on chat or the phone.

• Free, confidential support
• Anonymous, non-judgmental and caring
• Kids, teens and adults welcome to call
• English-speaking resources and support


Lifeline FAQ

Find out why the TELL Lifeline works and how we can support you.

Lifeline Volunteer Training

Becoming a TELL Lifeline volunteer makes a difference in so many lives including yours.

Worried About Someone?

What are the signs someone may be struggling? How can you help?

Suicide Prevention

Learn the warning signs and risk factors for youths and adults and help save lives.

Our team

Our team is culturally and ethnically diverse, with people from all ages and backgrounds. No prior experience is required, just a passion to be there for others and a willingness to learn new skills. Volunteers play an essential part of our team and make a real difference in the lives of others.

Vickie Skorji

Vickie Skorji is Director of the TELL Lifeline More »

Jane Lofthouse

Jane is TELL’s Lifeline Training Coordinator More »

Trailing Spouse

From the U.S. and has been in Japan for about 6 months. Back home, worked full-time as an accountant and misses being part of a team. Becoming a support worker has helped them find ways to connect with others whilst also learning new skills that are transferable to everyday life.

Stay at Home Parent

Being a stay-at-home parent of two school-aged children has had its challenges but the experience has been good. However, now that the children are in school full time, they want to work on their personal goals. Volunteering as a support worker has enabled them to feel included in a team and contribute to the community during their free time.

Returnee Lawyer

Working in an office all day has left them (a Japanese returnee) wanting to experience life outside of their comfort zone. Going through the TELL support worker training program was a journey that often felt like it was learning a whole new language. Although their day job is enjoyable, volunteering as a support worker continues to be fulfilling in a different way.

University Student

They have lived in Japan their whole life and like it here. Now attending university for a Bachelors’ degree in business management, they have wondered about changing courses and going into psychology. Their work as a volunteer support worker has been an introduction to counselling and a new possible career path.