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Your donation will help us expand the Lifeline to 24/7 coverage. Increase outreach and community services across Japan (Kansai, Kyushu, Tohoku, Hokkaido). Provide more rate subsidies to those in need. Deliver more free mental health and suicide prevention training and workshops to the community. Learn more about our work here.

TELL is an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. All donations over ¥3,000 are tax deductible in Japan. 

Other Ways to Support TELL

TELL can receive donations through Japanese Bank Transfers (furikomi) at the following accounts:

When you make a donation through bank transfer, please make sure that you fill out this form so that we can track your donation and issue your donation certificate for tax purposes.

Mizuho Bank, Aoyama branch

Futsu (Ordinary) 1726399   Account holder: TELL 

Japanese Account Name: トクヒ) トウキョウエイゴイノチノデンワ

Postal Transfer (Yucho)

Account No. 00140-4-594119   Account holder: TELL 

Japanese Account Name: トクヒ) トウキョウエイゴイノチノデンワ

At TELL we accept in kind donations for needed goods and services for our office, events, and other materials. TELL can issue a receipt for the fair market value of donated goods, which may be used for Japanese tax purposes in some cases.

  • Drinks and Snacks for events
  • Printing of materials
  • Branded merchandize and prizes for events
  • Office Supplies
  • IT Equipment

Donation of Services:

Companies and organizations often provide services for free as in kind donations to help support TELL’s work. Some examples include:

  • Free or reduced fee trainings for staff (First Aid Training, Media Training, etc,)
  • Pro bono consulting work (PR, business, legal work, etc.)
  • Free ad space/ad spend 
  • Moving services for events

Are you interested in holding events to support TELL and raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention? 

Our wonderful supporters have put together a number of creative and interesting fundraising events supporting TELL in the past. These include, but are not limited to:

-Comedy night

-Pub quiz

-Personal marathon or athletic challenge

-Live painting performance

-Yoga class

Your imagination is the limit! Contact TELL in the Community for more information.

View our Move for Mental Health 2023 fundraising toolkit for more information on how to fundraise for TELL.

We welcome partnerships with a variety and companies and organizations dedicated to making an impact in supporting mental health in Japan. Please click here to learn more.

When you shop through Support4Good, 10% of all sales go directly to TELL. Check out our page here.

Warm Hearts Coffee sells delicious free trade coffee roasted right here in Tokyo.  All proceeds from Coffee sales go to support  Comment end charity. 10% of proceeds from your purchase go to TELL when you use this link.

TELL has provision 501(c)3 status through Global Giving and all donations made through this platform are Tax Deductible in the US and UK through. Click here to donate.

TELL can also receive US Tax Deductible Donations through the Global Fund for Mental Health, here. If you make a donation through this fund, please notify us at finance@telljp.com.

** Donors giving over ¥3,000 who provide the necessary identifying  information can qualify to receive a tax receipt to be used in filing Japanese taxes. Every individual’s tax situation varies and TELL makes no guarantees on individual eligibility for any tax exemption or benefit. Please consult with your tax accountant or local tax office for more details.

Click here to read about our Grants and Philanthropic Supporters.

Do you live stream on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch? Would you like to engage your followers in the conversation about mental health in Japan? Consider streaming for TELL via Streamlabs Charities. TELL’s streamlab charities page can be found here. To learn more about how to stream for charity via Streamlabs, click here.

Become a TELL Hero

In order to retain our NPO license each year, the Tokyo Government requires us to have at least 100 people donate a minimum of ¥3,000. We cannot provide any enticement or incentive, nor can that donation be accompanied by an exchange of goods or services. This means the financial support we receive from our annual fundraising events does not count towards achieving the minimum of 100 donations even though that highly appreciated support is essential in funding our ongoing work.