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Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Suicide is an issue many of us are uncomfortable talking about and have trouble understanding, leaving most of us with insufficient and incorrect information about the issue and how to best support those in need. Saving lives is something we can all do. With over 1 million people worldwide taking their own lives each year, this is something everyone should know about. TELL has developed a range of workshops aimed at reducing the myths and stigma surrounding suicide and providing skills we can all use to support someone in need. Saving lives is easy if you know how.

Each workshop is 3 hours long and provides information suitable for anyone in the community who works with adults or young people. The workshops are designed to help people become better at identifying and supporting those at risk of taking their own lives. Among the things people will learn at the workshop are the common causes of suicidal behavior, warning signs of suicide, how to talk to someone who may be suicidal and how to get someone in crisis the necessary help they need. The workshops allow discussion about these topics and provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions and practice skills in an open and supportive environment.



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