Lifeline School Awareness Program

Adolescence can be a very challenging time in a young person’s life. TELL Children & Families established this program to reach out to teenagers and educate them about the Lifeline. A team of trained TELL volunteers visits international schools, as well as Japanese schools with a high percentage of returnee students.

Students are exposed to the Lifeline through an interactive presentation, which explains that the Lifeline is confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental. TELL facilitates discussions about many areas that a young person may contact the line about. A specific issue, pertinent to the age group, is illustrated through a role play, such as exam stress or bullying. The role play demonstrates how a conversation on the Lifeline might sound. After the role play, students are broken into small groups to have a more informal and frank discussion about the use of a Lifeline.

TELL Outreach provides folders or pens and wallet cards with the Lifeline phone number on it, as well as our pledge of confidentiality.

The Lifeline School Awareness Program operates under the umbrella of TELL Outreach.