Saya Tanahara

Okinawa Outreach Coordinator

Saya is responsible for outreach in the Okinawa area

Saya was born and raised in Okinawa, she has lived in the USA for over 6 years and came back to Okinawa in 2019. 

She mainly focused on working with children’s language education for the past 5 years. TELL is her first role as an Outreach Coordinator. Saya voluntarily organized children’s story time monthly for 2 years back in the United States and is continually involved in children’s education matters.

Saya Tanahara graduated from Okinawa International University with a social welfare major.

She enjoys sports and outdoor activities. She spends a lot of time playing handball as a teenager, now she often supports practice at a local elementary school on the weekends. If you could help TELL support the international community in Okinawa, please contact her.