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Jenny Hernandez

Clinic Manager and Psychotherapist

Clinic Manager and Psychotherapist— Jenny Hernandez is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor through the State of Florida

Jenny Hernandez was born and raised on Florida’s space coast in the U.S. and then moved to Okinawa in 2018. She has a master’s degree in Counseling from Webster University and a bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida.

Jenny has extensive experience working with non-profit organizations in both administrative and clinical roles. She worked alongside the court system both as a case manager for an agency contracted with the Department of Children and Families as well as having testified in court numerous times as a Forensic Interviewer for the local Child Advocacy Center and as an expert in the field of child abuse. Jenny then moved to providing therapy, where many of her clients were involved in the aforementioned court system. Prior to moving to Okinawa, Jenny had most recently worked for Centene Corporation in an administrative role managing behavioral health cases insured by Centene’s child welfare health plan, Sunshine Health.

Outside of work, Jenny enjoys the beach, brunch (or restaurants in general, pre-pandemic), getting together with friends, dancing, and working out.