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Fundraising With Little Ones!

At TELL, we believe in the power of involving children in fundraising efforts for a brighter and more compassionate world. Engaging kids in your fundraising activities for TELL not only fosters a sense of empathy and social responsibility but also teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership, and community building from a young age.

Here are some child-friendly activities and fundraising events that your little ones can participate in to make a big difference:

Bake Sales:

Encourage children to bake homemade goodies with parental supervision and host a bake sale in your neighborhood or school. Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, or brownies, selling tasty treats is a fun way to raise funds while showcasing their culinary skills.

Organize an art auction where kids can unleash their creativity by painting, drawing, or crafting artwork. Invite family, friends, and community members to bid on the masterpieces, with all proceeds going towards the chosen cause.

A classic fundraising activity, setting up a lemonade stand is a simple yet effective way for children to raise money. They can design colorful signs, mix refreshing drinks, and engage with customers while learning the basics of entrepreneurship.

Foster a love for reading while fundraising by hosting a read-a-thon. Children can seek sponsors for every book they read within a specified time frame, with pledges going towards supporting important initiatives.

Get the whole family involved in a charity walk or fun run event. Children can gather sponsors for each lap or mile completed, promoting physical activity while raising funds for a cause they care about.

Showcase children’s talents and skills by organizing a talent show fundraiser. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or magic tricks, kids can perform in front of an audience while collecting donations or ticket sales for entry.

Teach children the value of giving back by organizing a toy or clothing drive in your community. Encourage them to donate gently used items to families in need, spreading joy and support to those less fortunate.

Remember, the most important aspect of involving children in fundraising is to make it enjoyable and meaningful for them. By participating in these activities, kids not only contribute to a worthy cause but also develop a lifelong commitment to philanthropy and making a positive impact in the world.

DIY Fundraising

Do you have your own ideas for fundraising? Create your own fundraising campaign with your coworkers, your students, your young ones, or your friends.

TELL Events

Are you interested in raising money while taking part in our events? We have annual events you can take part in with your community to help us raise funds and awareness around mental health!

Become a Super Fundraiser

We’re so inspired by Alex and the Super Fundraisers. We hope you are too! There’s simply no limit to what you can to fundraise for TELL. Take on a challenge or do your own thing – we don’t mind what you do, just have FUN.

More DIY Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising at work

Get your co-workers involved to raise money! Turn a fun time into funds!

Fundraising at school

We think teachers and students are brilliant and when you come together you're unstoppable.

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Where Does My Money Go?

Your contribution changes lives.

We use your donations to three areas of our organization including the Lifeline, counseling services and outreach efforts.

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