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Where will your fundraised money go?

Where will your fundraised money go?

The money you raise will be used to help a variety of mental health needs. TELL operates a telephone and chat Lifeline, a clinic with professional face-to-face counseling, and an outreach program that engages with the community through events and workshops. Last year, TELL handled over 26,000 cases of mental health support in the community. Below are some of the programs that your donations will help fund: 

TELL Lifeline: 

Operational Costs 

Volunteer Training 

TELL Counseling: 

Subsidized psychological care for those in need. Subsidized group therapy and support group programs. 

TELL Outreach: 

Community Mental Health workshops , LGBTQIA+ Youth support and advocacy, and refugee support. Suicide Awareness and Gatekeeper training for vulnerable communities expansion of outreach programs to other parts of Japan.


8,326 connection on the Lifeline 

2,775 suicidal users received support 

Over 12,000 counseling sessions delivered 

30% of all counseling sessions were subsidized 

Over 6,000 participants in community mental health workshops 

Over 130 events, workshops, and training delivered in the community 

To learn more about TELL and our upcoming events sign up for  the TELL newsletter at www.eepurl.com/bH6npv.