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Roksana Ubowska, the owner of Yoga Tree Okinawa, regularly provides yoga classes of all different levels, as well as yoga teacher training programs. She discovered yoga in her late 20’s and graduated from 200 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2015.

Roksana has also completed the 500 YTT. She is currently pursuing 1,000 hours Yoga Therapy Training. She has taught over 5000 hours of classes, workshops, and continuing education. Her studio is a very unique setting, which bridges the military and local international communities.

Through her yoga journey, she has experienced not only improvement of physical strength, but also noticed a change in her mental well-being. After becoming aware of the need for mental health services Roksana decided to dedicate her yoga practice to building mental health awareness by fundraising for TELL. The event was held on International yoga day (June 21). Roksana hopes that yoga practice can bring mindfulness of mental wellbeing to participants. The fundraiser ended with participants expressing “gratitude to themselves”.

As Roksana says, “We are in this busy cycle of life, but we are here today to take care of ourselves. Give thanks to your body and mind where you are” A few words from Roksana, “Thank you to everyone who showed up to Yoga for Wellness, hosting this event on International Yoga Day gave me a lot of joy. I’m glad our studio could serve as a platform for spreading awareness about the positive impact of yoga on wellbeing.

We moved, laughed and gave ourselves the opportunity to check what’s happening on the inside of our bodies and mind. I hope to make yoga accessible and easy to join for everyone. We would love to partner with TELL again to share more yoga love. “ Check out more information here.