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Fundraising at Work

For years, workplaces have been playing a significant role in supporting the activities at TELL. Raising funds through your workplace, team or office is a great way to bring people together, provide team building opportunities and have an awesome time in the process!

How Will You Participate?

Here are just some office friendly ideas for a fundraising campaign to get you started…

Host a Coffee Break

Take a break from work with a classic coffee morning with some baked goods? Why not give yourselves a theme, or make it a bake-off competition? Ask the participants for a donation for TELL in exchange for a cup of coffee or a piece of cake. It’s a classic and simple office fundraising idea. 

Create teams, pick a distance and route, and run for TELL! How about covering a distance from your office to a nearby (or even far away) famous destination? Get a team of colleagues together and ask fellow employees, relatives and friends to sponsor you for.

Dig out all those unwanted goods sleeping in the back of your closet and organize an office raffle! It can be wine bottles you never opened, clothes you’ve never worn, or artwork you never hung up… Be creative and reduce waste while also raising money for TELL! 

Whether you host it in your workplace or find a local venue, quiz nights are a great social event in your office calendar and a great way to raise donations, maybe charge a small entry fee per team. Don’t forget to provide an awesome (or funny) prize for the winning team!

Who will take the gold in speed typing, rolling chair derby or paper airplane throwing? Get creative and think of office related competitions and see who will be the champion of the office! 

Whether it’s dressing up, donning fancy dress or dressing down, break out of the routine and ask colleagues for a donation for taking part. Perhaps hold a contest of who dressed the best to earn extra money! 

Be creative and start your own campaign! 

DIY Fundraising

Do you have your own ideas for fundraising? Create your own fundraising campaign with your coworkers, your students, your young ones, or your friends.

TELL Events

Are you interested in raising money while taking part in our events? We have annual events you can take part in with your community to help us raise funds and awareness around mental health!

Become a Super Fundraiser

We’re so inspired by Alex and the Super Fundraisers. We hope you are too! There’s simply no limit to what you can to fundraise for TELL. Take on a challenge or do your own thing – we don’t mind what you do, just have FUN.

DIY Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising at school

We think teachers and students are brilliant and when you come together you're unstoppable.

Fundraising with little ones

Use your unstoppable imagination for a great fundraising campaign!

Download and View Resources

Get your free fundraising resources below. You can find:

  • Printable Fundraising Toolkit
  • Printable posters and flyers
  • Fundraising email templates
  • Social media posts to copy and paste and more!

Where Does My Money Go?

Your contribution changes lives.

We use your donations to three areas of our organization including the Lifeline, counseling services and outreach efforts.

Other Ways To Help TELL

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