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TELL EPP Workshop: The Role of Families, Educators and the Community in Nurturing Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Children

Event Date
Tuesday March 21st, 2017
Wesley Center 2F
6-10-11 Minami Aoyama

All children need to be supported in order to become their best selves.  As transgender and gender nonconforming children are more likely than their peers to be bullied, sexually assaulted and victims of hate crimes, they are in special need of the adults in their lives to protect them and provide them with a sense of safety. Educators, parents, families, peers and community members play important roles in supporting the healthy development of transgender youth. 

This interactive workshop will look at the differences between sexuality and gender, offer information about terminologies and look at available legal protections for children born abroad. Parents of transgender and gender nonconforming children will talk about their efforts to provide their children with a safe and supportive environment in Japan and in the U.S.  Recommended books (in English) on supporting transgender and gender nonconforming children will be available for purchase.


Presented by

Mica Henderson, LMSW

Date:          Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

Time:         10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location:    Wesley Center, Seminar Room 205

Address:    6-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku,
                   Tokyo 107-0062 

                   (Map and directions attached)

Phone:       03-4550-1146


Please RSVP to Najwa Waheed Naohara: excep.parents@telljp.com 

**Donations of 1,000 yen are appreciated.**

About the presenter: 

Mica Henderson is the former Assistant TELL Lifeline Director. Mica is a licensed social worker with a special  interest in LGBT youth issues. She has worked in mental health settings in the U.K. and Japan. Mica is also involved in the LGBT social work community and transgender ally community in the U.S.


This EPP workshop is supported by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government in fiscal year 2016