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This Wednesday! Pub Quiz for TELL @ Hobgoblin, Shibuya

Event Date
Wednesday April 6th, 2016
Hobgoblin, Shibuya
〒153-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 1−3−11, 一番ビル3F

Come join the first pub quiz for TELL!

★ What is Tiger Woods real first name?

A) Gary B)Eldrick C)Rupert D) Tom

★ Which man-made landmark can be seen from space?

A)Golden Gate Bridge B)Stonehenge C) Egyptian Pyramids D) None

★ “Back to the Future Day” was celebrated by fans in 2015 – on which date?

A: October 21st (The date Marty McFly visited ‘the future’ in the second film)

★ When complete in 2045, the Maglev Shinkansen will cut travel time between Tokyo and Osaka from 2.5 hours to?

A:  1 hour 7 minutes 




Interested in showing off your big brain? Or just want to come and have some fun on a Wednesday night? Come down to Hobgoblin, test your knowledge over a drink and win some prizes!

Kicks off Wednesday 6th April at 8pm.

¥1,000/p – All proceeds go to TELL, a mental health charity for the International and Japanese community.






If you would like to book a table for your team please call Ben on 03-4550-1191.