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Creative Arts Therapy Group: Exploring Body – Relationships – Mind

Event Date
Friday May 12th, 2023
19:00 – 20:30
TELL’s Tokyo Office

Join TELL's latest group therapy May 12th & 26th, June 9th & 23rd, and July 7th & 21st.

This group will meet in person for six sessions every other Friday from 19:00 – 20:30 on May 12th & 26th, June 9th & 23rd, and July 7th & 21st.

Have you ever found it hard to put your experiences into words? Come and join us to express yourself creatively, nurture relationships and explore various parts of yourself through moving and talking in a safe group setting.

This small process-oriented group will be held by two TELL therapists, Ashly Schanback Ishii and Akiko Ogawa, integrates elements of two Creative Arts Therapy modalities to help group members explore the themes of the body, relationships, and mind. For inquiries and registration, please email tellgroup@telljp.com.

FAQ for Creative Arts Therapy Group 2023
What consists of pre-screening for the group?
Pre-screening consists of a risk assessment and a review of the Group Statement of Understanding. You will meet with one of the facilitators for 30 minutes and ask any questions that you might have as well. Please note you might be referred to individual therapy instead of group therapy depending upon your particular needs.

Why is the commitment needed to attend all sessions?
Group members’ consistent attendance helps the group as a whole to develop, which in turn benefits each member’s individual therapeutic process. Therefore, to benefit most from the group, it is highly encouraged to attend all sessions.

What are the dates and times of the group sessions?
The 90-minute group will run every other Friday from 19:00-20:30 for a total of 6 sessions. The dates are May 12th & 26th, June 9th & 23rd, and July 7th & 21st.

Where will the group sessions be held?
The sessions will be held in person near Omotesando Station. Location details will be shared with those who are registered.

How should I sign up for the group?
Please email us at tellgroup@telljp.com to sign up and schedule a pre-screening.

How should I pay for all sessions?
TELL accepts credit card or bank transfer for payment. After completing the pre-screening, you will receive more information about both the intake and payment processes.

Can I attend just a few sessions?
It is highly encouraged to attend all sessions to benefit most from the therapy process. (Please see question 1 above)

What is the content of each session?
Each session’s content will vary depending upon the needs of the group and individual members; however, the content will link back to the main themes: Exploring Body – Relationships – Mind. The 90-minute session will often begin with an opportunity to share how you are feeling, followed by a simple physical “warm up” to help concentrate on the ‘here and now’ of being together by bringing focus to our bodies. After this, we might use movement, drama, music, and props to creatively explore our feelings and various parts of ourselves within the group. Toward the end of the session, there will be time for talking about how the process felt, and how it could help us to understand ourselves and the group better.

What is Creative Arts Therapy? And what is Dance Movement Therapy and Psychodrama?
Creative Arts Therapy refers to therapy that uses creative arts (art, dance/movement, music, drama, etc.) to facilitate the therapy process. Dance Movement Therapy is a relational process in which clients and therapists use body movement and dance as an instrument of communication during the therapy process. Psychodrama is a group therapy that uses action to express and discover various feelings and parts of one’s self. The group is co-facilitated by Ashly Schanback Ishii, who is trained in Psychodrama, and Akiko Ogawa, a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist. No creative art experience, no movement/dance skills/experience, nor drama experience are required.

What is required of me in the group?
Attend all sessions and be a willing participant. As noted above, no previous creative arts (dance, drama) experience is necessary (only a willingness to participate in the way that feels right for you!). Please wear something comfortable to move in.

How is my confidentiality protected?

The “TELL Group Therapy Statement of Understanding” explains TELL’s confidentiality policy regarding group therapy, and all participants are asked to review and sign the statement prior to joining the group. We will also discuss the group rules, including confidentiality, at the beginning of the first session.

How many people are there in the group?
There will be 5-10 people per group. This group is limited to those who identify as women (including trans women) or non-binary.

What materials are necessary for the group?
No materials are necessary. Please bring yourself and a willingness to participate in the way that feels right for you.

How much disclosure and discussion of our issues are required in a group?
It is up to the participants to determine, but the group facilitators will try to create and hold a safe space for everyone.