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Compassion Fatigue and Self Care

Event Date
Saturday December 9th, 2023
7 – 9 PM JST

Join TELL's latest mental health workshop

Compassion Fatigue and Self Care

Date: Saturday, December 9th

Time: 7 – 9 PM JST

Location: Online

Volunteers who work with vulnerable populations typically describe their work as meaningful, rewarding, and impactful. However, at times it can also be demanding and exhausting, especially in situations where people are dealing with chronic and long-term issues, which can lead to volunteers developing compassion fatigue and being overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and shame in not being able to do enough for those they are supporting.

This workshop is about helping volunteers learn how to recognise the signs of compassion fatigue and how it affects people. We will also talk through a range of skills to help volunteers stay balanced as they do their important work and how to develop a self-care plan so they can regain that important feeling of compassion and satisfaction in the vital work they do.

To register email – Lifeline@telljp.com

Presenter – Vickie Skorji Lifeline Director