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Climate Change and Mental Health

Event Date
Thursday April 27th, 2023
6:30 – 8:00 PM JST

Join TELL's latest mental health workshop


HOW TO REGISTER: Sign up at the URL https://tinyurl.com/Climateandmentalhealth

As awareness and first hand experiences of the disruption to the Earth’s climate increases, more and more people are reporting anxiety, depression, helplessness, trauma, and fear about the state of our planet. In this workshop we aim to normalize these valid and natural feelings by supporting the expression of these emotions, as well as movement towards meaningful personal and collective actions – both big and small – by (re)connecting with our values and love for the earth. This will be done by utilizing elements of an evidence-based treatment called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Thus, the skills shared in this workshop can be applied to other human challenges.

THE SPEAKER: Alisa Koyama is a licensed therapist and forest therapy guide committed to helping people integrate healing practices and systems that promote well-being for people and the more-than-human world.