Autumn 2022 Lifeline Support Worker Training Starting Soon!

Autumn 2022 Lifeline Support Worker Training Starting Soon!

The Autumn Lifeline Support Worker Training is back! Right now it’s super hot and maybe you’re thinking about fireworks and vacations and trips to the beach, but you might also be thinking about what else you want to achieve this year or goals you want to work towards. Volunteering as a Lifeline Support Worker is a great way to give back while also developing your own personal and professional abilities. Can you help us build towards our goal of offering 24/7 support to the English-speaking community in Japan?

The course involves an initial 10-week online course teaching listening skills and how to apply them effectively on both the phone and chat platforms. Each week of the course you would be watching presentations; completing reading; writing a journal; completing a role play to practice your skills, and joining a weekly seminar. 

There are approximately 8 hours of work to complete each week. Trainees also need to complete an apprenticeship period, which involves supervised shifts on the lifeline and longer role-play practice on set topics. Typically the training takes 4-5 months to complete in total.

Key Dates:
Online Course: Oct 1st – Dec 11th
Mandatory sessions: Oct 1st or 2nd; Nov 12th or 13th; Dec 10th or 11th {must join one 4-hour online session on each of these three weekends]

For further details, see the training pages on the TELL website or contact

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