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Myths About Bullying

Myths About Bullying by A. Arao As young people all over Japan head back to school, many are worried about being bullied and ostracized. Bullying is a horrible experience regardless of who is involved or where it occurs. Numerous longitudinal studies have shown how bullying leads to lower academic achievement, anxiety, depression, and too often suicide. In […]

Creating Hope Through Action

Creating Hope Through Action From September 10th through October 10th, TELL will hold a series of events to mark World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) and World Mental Health Day (WMHD). Our focus this September is on youths and the challenges of the last few years. Around the globe, the number of young people feeling overwhelmed by the […]

From music industry leader to director of TELL

From music industry leader to director of TELL “Giles Duke’s first experience with the music industry of Japan occurred when he was a teenager living in Tokyo, back in 1972. His father was cultural attache at the British Embassy and made the controversial decision to deny the visas of a certain U.K. rock band. Giles […]

Grief Awareness

We all grieve. We grieve the people we lose – to death, to separation, to changes in our relationships or friendships. We grieve the loss of jobs, objects, routines, the things that are taken from us or become unavailable, the opportunities we lost or never had, and the people we might have become. Yet despite […]

Autumn 2022 Lifeline Support Worker Training Starting Soon!

Autumn 2022 Lifeline Support Worker Training Starting Soon! The Autumn Lifeline Support Worker Training is back! Right now it’s super hot and maybe you’re thinking about fireworks and vacations and trips to the beach, but you might also be thinking about what else you want to achieve this year or goals you want to work towards. Volunteering […]