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Event: TELL Anti-Bullying Charity Walk & Run

Sunday May 24th, 2015
Furuichiba Track & Field Stadium

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters for joining our event and making a noise about bullying!

TELL would like to thank all of the participants, volunteers, and supporters who came out to make a noise about bullying at our 16th annual charity walk & run, this year sponsored by Morgan Stanley. We were pleased to see such a diverse group of participants enjoying the day with friends and family.

This year, thanks to four very talented, dedicated individuals who were willing to spend their Sunday with us, we were able to offer face painting (Rachel Roberts), aromatherapy (Mayumi Takahashi), massage therapy (Lisa Batey, Club 360), and lively entertainment (Guy Totaro).

Congratulations to the winners!


1ST Hiroichi Shinichi 37:17
2ND Yosuke Ueno 38:50
3RD Haruhito Nagata 38:51 11 years old!
4TH Steve Karnas 39:10
5TH Shun Iwasaki 40:59
6TH Padraig MacColgan 41:53
7TH Yoshi Hidefukuhara 42:51
8TH Akihiro Tokita 43:03
9TH Clayton Rosa 43:36
10TH Gareth Evans 43:37


1ST Akiko Oda 43:25
2ND Kyoko Usui 46:06
3RD Toshiko Musha 48:49
4TH Naoko Hanakawa 49:04
5TH Tomoko Nadolny 50:44
6TH Kyomi Hiraki 51:12
7TH Ayako Yoshizawa 51:50
8TH Yurie Kamiya 52:14
9TH Mikage Kawashima 53:27
10TH Selene Lawrence 54:32


1ST Chris Winter 18:22
2ND _____ Koyama 18:54
3RD Alex Ieno 19:12
4TH Mike Rayner 19:28
5TH Oumer Teyeb 20:08
6TH Yoshi Hidefukuhara 20:30
7TH Oscar Monville 21:34
8TH Kyoto Kawai 21:53
9TH Justin Garavil 21:59
10TH Engin Yenidunya 23:17


1ST Audrey Ting 21:43
2ND Alisa Ishikawa 23:11
3RD Mari Mochizuki 24:04
4TH Ruth Yanai 24:11
5TH Mika Kume 24:24
6TH Alisha Yamamori 24:32
7TH Taeko Hara 25:18
8TH Rachel Brewster 26:00
9TH Yuki Gomez 26:12
10TH Yuriko Takato 26:13

Prizes for the 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer runs generously provided by the following sponsors: Alishan, Chez Vous, Club 360, Elana Jade, Global Dining, Grand Hyatt, Kinetikos, Sin Den, Tokyo American Club, Tomoe Collection, Toys R Us, and  Yoga Tree.

Additional support generously provided by Allied Pickfords (transportation), The American School in Japan (equipment/volunteers), Goldman Sachs (registration/set up), and Coca-Cola Japan (beverages).




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