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World Mental Health Day 2023

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day to shine a spotlight on the importance of good mental health. Our mental health is intricately embedded into every aspect of our physical and daily lives. Good mental health enables us to cope with the everyday stresses of life, work productively, have good connections, reach our full potential and feel we are able to contribute to our community.

Exercise and movement are one way to keep both our body and our mind healthy and help improve our mental health. Exercising releases good hormones into our body that help reduce feelings of stress and anger. It can help improve our sleep and our overall general health. If it involves other people, like being part of a team, a class or a group, it can also give an added boost to our mental health. We don’t have to be professional athletes or sporty to benefit from being physically active. From walking to dancing or going to the gym, the best exercise is simply the one we enjoy.

This fall, TELL is asking everyone to Move For Mental Health. The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is “Celebrating the Power of Community Kindness,” which perfectly embodies TELL’s mission and journey over the last 50 years as together we fight to ensure that everyone makes it through to the next day. We would like to thank everyone who has already taken up the call to action and started Stepping Up in lots of different ways around the country. It is great seeing your photos and your amazing step counts.  

As we move into October, it is time to focus on our Tokyo Tower Climb, which is fast approaching and will close off our month-long campaign. Today is the final day to register for the Tokyo Tower Climb, if you haven’t already registered do so today! On Saturday, October 14th, we will hold our 5th Tokyo Tower Climb. Whether as a team, individual, school, or community group, we invite you to join us for a morning of fun at this iconic landmark and help create awareness about mental health needs in Japan.

If you cannot join us at Tokyo Tower, then you still have time to join our Step Up Challenge anytime and from anywhere until October 10th, either as an individual or team, as a school, community, or business and take 21,881 steps (or 21,881 of anything, get creative!) in one day in honor of the 21,881 individual who lost their lives to suicide in 2022.

Will you join our Step Up Challenge or Tokyo Tower Climb and demonstrate the power of community kindness by helping to create awareness and hope through your actions that mental health for everyone is essential?  

Buy your tickets and find out more information at www.tellevents.org.