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St. Joseph’s International Kindergarten

We are a English environment Montessori school located in Eastern Tokyo (serving the cities of Kasai, Koiwa, Ichikawa and Matsudo). Our primary goal is to provide a great little kindergarten for families for whom English is a necessity. One of the most common complaints of international couples is that communication between the non-Japanese parent and their children suffers as the child moves into kindergarten and up into grade school. Our school was created to help regular families overcome this difficulty by making a truly affordable international kindergarten (our tuition is similar to local private kindergartens).


For older children, we have an advanced English program (it’s not Eikaiwa)  based on Grade School level Montessori curriculum. Our experience in teaching children of international marriages who attend Japanese schools is that their English speaking ability is significantly behind, and the name of the game is catching up (as opposed to teaching English from the star- of course, this assumes the parents have spoken with the child in English and Japanese)

We have busing available, servicing two major JR train lines (for those coming from farther away.

03-5694-4550 & 090-3102-9690
Postal Code: 125-0052
English Hours: 09:00 a.m. - 07:00 p.m.
Days of Service: Mon - Sat