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Japan Healthcare Info


We will

  • find a doctor that meets your needs in your area, provide detailed information via email or phone within 30 min to make an appointment on your behalf
  • provide phone translation services so you can speak with medical staff

We can help you with the following example enquiries.

  • I want to see an English-speaking doctor.
  • I want to find a family doctor/pediatrician near my house.
  • I want to see an English-speaking counselor for mental health related problems.

This is what we do after receiving your enquiry

  1. We will find detailed information of  the provider, including maps and how to get there and send the information to you via email or phone. 
  2. After you make an enquiry, we will get back to you with the information within 30 min unless the enquiry is complicated/difficult to handle. 
  3.  It is free of charge until coordination tasks, such as making appointments are required


We will

  • contact a triage center for advice
  • call an ambulance if necessary
  • provide necessary paperworkand coordinate assistance in case of hospitalization/surgery



We will

  • provide delivery options and guides to pregnancy life and welfare services in Japan
  • assist preparing various paperwork and application for benefitsfor moms-to-be



We will

  • help you find a local pediatrician to meet your needs
  • provide support in filling out paperwork for child benefit application
  • provide options and consultations for local childcare services
  • help you make applications for kindergartens and daycare center

For fee details, please visit our Fees page

English Hours: 9am - 5pm
Days of Service: M-F