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TELL Volunteer Voices with TJ

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TELL Volunteer Voices with TJ:

Why Mental Health? What does it mean to you?

So many, if not, all of our biggest problems can be traced back to mental health; from our finances to our physical health to our relationships, etc. When we are more educated about mental health, psychology and neurology then we can start making great leaps toward a positive progression of our lives

Why would you be interested in volunteering with TELL?

I would like to work alongside people who are knowledgeable and skilled within the areas of mental health so that I can become more knowledgeable and skilled as well.

What makes volunteering experience for mental health topics a meaningful use of your time?

(Referring to #3 answer) By becoming more knowledgeable and skilled within the area of mental health, I’ll be able to help more people within my own life.

What is the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteering experience?

I used to volunteer as a youth leader at a church and some of the most delightful times were when I directed different church plays and I then had the opportunity to use my artistic abilities in singing, dancing, design, and creativity to put on a fun and engaging production.

What more information about mental health would you like to know or spread awareness about?

I want to learn more about how our diet/nutrition and lifestyles affect our mental health. 

I want to learn how our mental health affects our physical health. 

I want to learn about how personal labels and personal identifications affect our mental health.

Why would you choose to support TELL?

Because it is a professional institution in my area where I can learn and grow, and help others learn and grow as well.

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