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Published on March 29, 2018

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero and save the day? Now is your chance.

TELL needs champions to join us in our cause to eradicate suicide and empower people toward better mental well being.

After 45 years of committed Lifeline and clinical services to the foreign community in Japan – and an even greater demand for mental health support as we approach 2020 – TELL finds itself needing your help now more than ever before.

TELL is facing a cash flow crunch as we transition our funding model from a principally events-based approach to a more broadly based and flexible strategy. We know the number of community organizations needing your support is greater than ever; a fact we acknowledge and celebrate. At the same time, the available funds in the donor community has remained relatively flat or even declined over the past few years.

No amount is too small, nor is any level of volunteer or pro bono support. You may want to support a particular person, program, or project. You might want to become a sponsor, make a monthly micro-donation of ¥300 or more, or give a one-time injection of much needed cash. You may want to have TELL deliver an EAP program or workshops for your team. Honestly, it all counts.

What do superheroes do? They save lives. We lost 21,140 last year to suicide in Japan, but we were still able to help many, many others. Join us in this fight, by donating via our donate page, signing up to our micro-donations campaign or organizing a fundraiser in your local community.

Thank you.

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