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Spring Lifeline Training 2018

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Learning to truly listen well is something we can all benefit from. It can help you in your relationships at home and work, make you a better team member, manager, or parent and it can also save lives.
Our Lifeline is staffed by highly trained volunteers, and we are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2018 Lifeline Support Worker training program.
The training will take place from February 24th ~ May 19th, (with mandatory sessions on February 24th, April 7th, and May 19th), and involves an intensive 10-week course in client-centered counseling skills, followed by an apprenticeship on the Lifeline.
The training is available nationwide through online study and includes presentations, reading, simulated role-plays, and participation in weekly seminars/conference calls. Volunteers report that the skills learned to help them in their personal and professional lives and many go on to further study in the counseling field.
59 people die from suicide every day in Japan. Help us to provide a 24/7 Japan-wide support service. Together we can make a difference.
If you are interested in learning more, please see our website for further details, (telljp.com) or contact training@telljp.com