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Lifeline Volunteers Wanted: Help Us Go 24/7


We know that during the early hours of the morning people are the most vulnerable and most in need of this support. Research also suggests that young people are more likely to text than talk, and so the need for a chat/text line, on which people can chat/text back and forth with trained volunteers, is a priority for the Lifeline in 2016.

To extend our Lifeline services around the clock and via text/chat, we are seeking additional volunteer counselors who are interested in providing crisis text/chat support, and we are looking for financial support from the community to enable us to fund the purchase of text/chat software and to fund training. In 2016 we will also continue to deliver outreach programs supporting youths, families, and individuals struggling with mental health needs or child abuse. With one in four people experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime (many during adolescence) and the growing number of workers experiencing stress and poor mental health, TELL services are needed more than ever.

Volunteers have been at the core of TELL’s service for over 40 years, helping us to deliver our services and save lives. If you are looking for more meaning in your life and want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community, we welcome you to consider joining our Lifeline phone counselor training program in either Tokyo or Kansai starting in February (Kansai)/March (Tokyo). The training offers not only a tremendous educational and personal growth opportunity, but an unparalleled volunteer activity that gives directly back to the community. Everyone can help play a role helping TELL achieve our 2016 goals, by funding one of our programstraining to be a phone counselor, joining one of our events, helping raise awareness about mental health needs, or making a donation and becoming a friend of TELL. Together we are changing lives, together we are saving lives. Join TELL in making a real difference in our community.