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Handy Fundraising Captions and Hashtags

Handy Fundraising Captions and Hashtags

Social media is a powerful tool that gives us the opportunity to connect with millions of people and organizations. As we continue to raise awareness, improve education, and inspire action for mental health and suicide prevention, social media helps carry our message. 


#MoveforMentalHealth #ShatterStigma #StepUpChallenge #TokyoTowerClimb #TELLJapan 


Suicide remains the leading cause of death in Japan for people under 40. Working to #shatterthestigma around #mentalhealth issues is the first step in #suicideprevention. Come join me as I #MoveForMentalHealth. #TellJapan www.tellevents.org 

I believe that mental health matters for everyone, no matter where you are. That’s why I am going to #MoveForMentalHealth and support @telljapan in its mission to support the community in Japan. Show your support and get involved! @telljapan #TellJapan www.tellevents.org 

The silence around suicide and mental health serves to increase stigma and shame. It’s time to #shatterthestigma and break the silence. Come with me to #MoveForMentalHealth #TellJapan www.tellevents.org 

Suicide is one of the most preventable causes of death in the world, so why don’t we talk about it more? Join me in supporting @telljapan to break the silence and #ShatterStigma around suicide in Japan. #MoveForMentalHealth #TellJapan www.tellevents.org