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Are you interested in holding events to support TELL and raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention? Our wonderful supporters have put together a number of creative and interesting fundraising events supporting TELL in the past. These include, but are not limited to: comedy night, pub quizzes, personal marathon or athletic challenge, live painting performances, and yoga classes. View a few examples of grass roots fundraising campaigns put on by the TELL community below. Your imagination is the limit! 

TELL's Fundraising Superstars

Grassroots Fundraiser Spotlight: Jon Sabay​​

Roles for Initiative is a charity improv comedy show combined with a tabletop role playing game, usually Dungeons and Dragons. We incorporate elements of tabletop RPGs, like dice, to bring the audience into a story and make it interactive. In the end we raise money for TELL!

Fundraiser Spotlight: Roksana Ubowska

Roksana Ubowska, the owner of Yoga Tree Okinawa, regularly provides yoga classes of all different levels, as well as yoga teacher training programs. Her studio is a very unique setting, which bridges the military and local international communities. Roksana hopes that yoga practice can bring mindfulness of mental wellbeing to participants.

Twitch October Spooky Games Marathon

Come join TELL’s favorite retro gaming enthusiast Alex Fraioli as he games for mental health. Alex will be fundraising for TELL throughout the later half of October with a bunch of Spooky Games as well as Alex’s classic gaming commentary and humor.

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