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Building Resilience Summit

Event Date
Friday April 8th, 2022
In-person and Online

Join TELL's Building Resilience Summit this April 8 - 9

Welcome to TELL’s 2nd annual mental health summit in partnership with the ACCJ and sponsored by Discovery Japan. 

This year our focus is on promoting resilience as we continue to grapple with the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic has left many feeling depleted, burned out, and that our cups are empty. Growing evidence suggests taking care of our well-being and nurturing resilience are not just “nice to have” but are necessary for daily life and future success. 

Tending to wellness and resilience are not just tasks for individuals, but are key to workplace and community health. Work-related mental health conditions are fast overshadowing physical safety as a critical concern in the workplace, leaving many workplaces and leaders scrambling to address shortfalls. Gender disparities and youth mental health issues have many countries looking at ways to support and strengthen women and young people’s ability to prepare for, withstand, adapt, and thrive in the face of adversity. 

Building resilience provides an important framework for developing skills to help us navigate our ever-changing and demanding world. At this summit, we will discuss the importance of laying strong foundations, boosting motivation, and supporting mental wellness for all. We will explore and discuss some of the challenges within various sectors of the community. We will also look at ways to help develop wellness and resilience skills across a range of disciplines that employees, educators, and individuals can use to inform organizational or personal roadmaps for safety, wellbeing, and future success.

Visit www.tellevents.org to register and for more information! Tickets start at just ¥2,000.