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What kind of psychological testing/assessment do you provide?

For Information regarding Assessments for your child, please see Psychological Assessment for Children * Our legal definition of a child is according to the Japanese law: a minor under 20 years of age.

How do I get started making an appointment for testing/assessment for my child?

We accept inquiries from school teachers/tutors, but only parents and legal guardians can initiate the process. For information regarding scheduling an appointment for your child, please click here.

Do you offer this service in other languages besides English and Japanese?

TELL offers Counseling Services in Multiple languages. For more information regarding languages please call our office at 03-4550-1146.

I live outside of Kanto area; do you offer this service outside of Kanto?

We provide this service only in our Tokyo office. However, there are some circumstances where we make exceptions. For more information, please contact us.

How long does the assessment take?

The number of sessions required to complete testing will depend greatly on the area(s) of concern and the age and stamina of the child. The psychologist and child may need to meet on several occasions. Usually, these sessions are scheduled for 2-3 hours. Be aware that we will ask you to keep your child out of school to perform the assessment.

Do I have to prepare my child for the assessment?

No, you do not have to prepare your child for the assessment. The psychologist will explain the testing procedure to the child in the beginning. For younger children, please explain that there will be no medical exam involved. Your child should be in good physical health on the testing day. Testing after a lack of sleep or after school hours should be avoided.

What should I bring to the appointment?

If your child wears glasses, a hearing aid, or any other device, please make sure to bring them. Please also bring a drink and a light snack.

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