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Anti-Bullying Day 2023

Anyone can fall victim to bullying, that’s why it is so meaningful for us to celebrate May 4th, international Anti-Bullying Day! A Canadian student, Travis Price witnessed a fellow student getting bullied for wearing a pink shirt. He and his classmate bought and gave out pink shirts to everyone as a way to show solidarity towards that student. Now, wearing a pink shirt on May 4th is a way to show support towards victims of bullying.

On Anti-Bullying Day, schools, workplaces, and organizations often hold meetings to raise awareness of bullying by educating the masses on how to spot, prevent and address the signs and symptoms. A study by the Tokyo Metropolitan School Personnel in 2013 showed that 66.2% out of the 9000 children they surveyed had experience bullying. The popular Korean movie charted in the top 10 in Japan Netflix, “The Glory”, is based on a true story of middle school students causing serious bodily and mental harm using incredibly inhumane methods. Barbaric methods of bullying happen in real life and are often overlooked by both adults and authorities.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that some bullies themselves may be facing challenges at home or school, leading them to project their emotions onto others as a way to gain control of their own life. Therefore, instead of simply assigning blame, we need to address the root causes of bullying as a community by promoting empathy, kindness, and forgiveness. Additionally, it’s crucial to take reports of bullying seriously instead of dismissing and victim blame.

Let’s Anti-Bullying Day reminds us that bullying is an extremely serious social issue that affects many people, but by being there for each other and offering support. We can make a positive difference. If you are going through a difficult time, please do not be ashamed about reaching out and asking for help!

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