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Walk with TELL in the Parade: Kansai`s Rainbow Pride is just around the Corner

Published on October 2, 2017

Alongside with other local organisations and communities, businesses and artists, TELL joins the Rainbow Festa! 2017 with a booth, providing information to the public and supports to LGBTI individuals and their families and friends.

While awareness and acceptance within Japan`s society has been slowly increasing, a great lack in legislation and administration continues to exist. 10 million people in Japan identify as LGBTI, yet basic rights are not protected and safety at work places, at home, at school and in life is not ensured.
We encourage everyone to demonstrate acceptance, show support and take action in everyday life, and if you are in Osaka on October 7, why not join Kansai Rainbow Festa at Ogimachi park, visit the TELL booth or march with us in the parade.

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