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Japanese Edition of “When Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much” Now Available

Published on April 3, 2017

Last autumn we told you about TELL mental health counselor Machi Taniguchi’s work with a publisher to translate “When Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much” into Japanese, for which she set up a crowdfunding website to help cover costs.

The book is now available in Japanese, and aims to help children struggling with alcoholism in their families, featuring artwork that allows children a safe distance from a difficult subject. The text explains the feelings that alcoholism can cause (guilt, embarrassment, anger and so on), and the ways the illness can affect a family (creating enablers, rebels, clowns, etc.), while at the same time offering advice on where to turn for help. The book is authored by American Richard Langsen and illustrated by Nicole Rubel, who is popular for her colorful and humorous illustrations in the “Rotten Ralph” book series. The book can be bought here: English / Japanese and Machi has kindly donated a copy (in Japanese) to the TELL EPP library.

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