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Donations are vital to our mission of making a difference in people’s lives. You can give to TELL, either in cash or in kind. TELL is a certified non-profit organization (nintei NPO), so donations to TELL can be tax deductible in Japan.

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U.S. DOLLAR DONATIONS: Donations made to TELL through The Global Fund for Mental Health in USD may also earn tax credits in the U.S. At the website for The Global Fund for Mental Health, please indicate that your donation should be directed to support for “Japan” mental health services.


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Please complete this form if you wish to donate via bank or postal transfer, or email for more options.

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Mizuho Bank, Aoyama branch

Futsu (Ordinary) 1726399   Account holder: TELL

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Account No. 00140-4-594119   Account holder: TELL


Donations in kind are always welcome and may be tax-deductible. Bottles of water and energy snacks at the time of the Runathon; items for Connoisseurs’ Auction; and unwanted (but serviceable) IT equipment are just a few examples.

Help the Lifeline’s quest for a 24-hour service to support callers struggling throughout the night.




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