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Women’s Empowerment Center Fukuoka

About Women’s Empowerment Center Fukuoka Women’s Empowerment Center Fukuoka is a non-profit, non-government and multi-cultural organization dedicated to the elimination of domestic violence towards women, supports for migrated women and international cooperation for equality and peace. Survice and projects provided by Women’s Empowerment Center Fukuoka Ⅰ: Support women suffering from domestic violence – Emergency Shelter for Women and Children 1500yen/day(100-300yen per child) Ⅱ: Supports for cross-cultrual women – Multilingual Helpline (Yorisoi Hotline, Our Helpline)Free dial: 0120-279-338 Multi-language Helpline 050-1492-3911 一人で悩んでいませんか? 日本語・English・Tagalog・Korean・Chinese・Indonesian・Vietnamese・Portuguese・Spanish・Russian・Lao・Malay – Japanese classes – Interpretation – Foreign language classes by migrated women Ⅲ: International cooperation -Fair trade and support independence of women in Asia -Working with RAWA and the victims of sexual slavery by Japaese Military against war and violence towards women
Also provides support for DV, counseling, interpreting.
Fax: 092-738-0138
Postal Code: 810-0001
English Hours: 24 hours
Days of Service: 7 days a week