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Toyonaka Association for Intercultural Activities and Communications

The Toyonaka Association for Intercultural Activities and Communication (refers to the association hereafter) was established in the year 1993 to make a foothold of the civic international exchange and multicultural symbiosis. At the same time, the international exchange center was established by the city of Toyonaka and the association dealt with the management and administration as well. At present, the association’s primary concern is to sustain general support to a generation of infants and old people and work towards foreigners’ independence and society participation. 【Basic Principle】 「To create a symbiotic society from the area and connects to the world that pushes forward exchange activities based on respect to human rights with broad participation of the citizens.」
Fax: 06-6843-4375
Postal Code: 560-0026
Days of Service: Mon-Sun
Languages Spoken: English and Japanesed