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Interculture Language Academy

Interculture Language Academy accepts students not only from Korea, China or around Asia region but also from Europe and America as well. We provide Japanese lessons inclusive of exposure to facts and figures about Japan which relate to the Japanese history and society. All lessons such as Calligraphy, Tea ceremony and others are meant to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture and all students enjoy and learn at the same time. We provide lessons which cover from Beginner to Advanced which help to understand deeply about Japan, thus supporting students in further study in universities and to look for employment. Our school has been selected as the excellent school by the Japanese Immigration Office in Kobe Branch of Osaka. Our school is the oldest and largest Japanese language school (Capacity 348 persons) in Kobe.
Fax: 078-576-6107
Postal Code: 653-0004
Languages Spoken: English and Japanese