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Ikuno Gakuen (NPO)

They provide emergency refuge, counseling and legal services in Japanese and English in cases of domestic violence. Telephone hotline is Wednesday only. Ikuno Gakuen is an example for a non-governmental shelter for women that offers various services for victims of domestic violence or other forms of abuse. It was established as a government facility in the late 1940s and now operates as a non-profit organization. It provides a shelter for emergencies and is a stephouse for longer-term care. In addition, it provides telephone and personal counseling on domestic violence, parenting, support for foreign residents and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community; legal assistance; and workshops and education on domestic violence. For domestic violence cases, it provides two-week free stay in a secure and secret shelter facility under the support of the prefectural government, otherwise a stay would cost 1,500 Yen (16 US dollars) per night. Many people use its services regularly over an extended period of time, around 88 percent of which are or were victims of violence from a partner or a parent. Ikuno Gakuen has a long history deeply rooted in the local community and thus has experienced and practiced mutual community support. http://www.hurights.or.jp/archives/focus/section2/2012/12/domestic-violence-in-japan—support-services-and-psychosocial-impact-on-survivors.html
Postal Code: 540-0012
English Hours: Mon - Fri
Days of Service: 12 noon - 5 p.m.
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese