If your life is in danger, call the police at 110

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Fire Department Emergency Room Information (Japanese)

This is a valuable service if you need a specialist on a holiday and can communicate in Japanese, or have a friend that can help you. If you go to your local emergency room you may not be able to see an allergist or burn specialist. They will give you the locations of those emergency rooms that have the specialty you need as well as the phone #s.  You should call before you visit as the doctor may be in surgery and thus unable to see you right away.  Better than a long wait in an ambulance that is trying to reach a generic emergency room.

#7119 Tokyo and Tama from cell phone (in Japanese)
You may also call 03-3212-2323 TOKYO 23 wards 042-521-2323 TAMA
Days of Service: 24 hours/7 days in Japanese