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Chateau School ★ Chateau Bon Bon

CHATEAU BON BON is a community of children who share and learn to create a world without borders or prejudice. Children visit CHATEAU BON BON (Candy Castle) as world diplomats and learn about international cultures. CHATEAU BON BON respects individual characteristics and infinitive creativity of every child and supports developing a pioneer. CHATEAU BON BON offers a worldwide early learning education base with additional enrichment programs and assures children will be active in the international society. We have our original education program based on worldwide psychological developmental and educational approach. We use specialized educational materials worldwide and respect methods influenced by cultures. The purpose of creating our own education program is to cover worldwide unique education at the superior. Children are expected to develop an individual extraordinary skill through workshops and activities with a daily goal. We cover an introduction of each country, phonics, language, literature, reading, writing, communicating, math, science, physical, art and craft in English. We use local materials from all over the world and we make sure children are exposed to a creative environment. We measure children’s improvement by our Daily Journal and we offer term review every three months with parents and children. 
Postal Code: 150-0001