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TELL's 200 Heroes

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented health and economic challenges, especially for the most vulnerable, which has already seen an increase in the suicide rates here in Japan. With COVID-19 cases continuing to surge in Japan and many parts of the world, if there’s ever been a time that we need heroes, it’s now. Unsung or everyday heroes are found all over the world, and we have seen many of them in action over the past year. Through their acts of kindness, courage, and love, they represent the best of who we can be and demonstrate how positive actions can and do make a difference.

This Spring, TELL is launching our 200 Heroes campaign. We hope to inspire at least 200 people to step up and be a hero for mental health and help change lives. Each year to retain our NPO license, TELL needs 200 people to donate a minimum of ¥3,000. This funding goes towards keeping our Lifeline and Outreach services operating and supporting people dealing with suicidal thoughts, relationship breakups, domestic abuse, rape and sexual violence, workplace issues, bullying, loneliness, gender issues, just to name a few. Having someone to talk to when you are alone or feeling vulnerable can make all the difference in making it through the night. Through your donation, you can help transform someone’s life.

Are you up to the challenge? Become a TELL 200 Hero, and join us in helping to ensure everyone makes it through to tomorrow and has an opportunity for a brighter future.

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