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Workplace bullying

According the U.S. organization Workplace Bullying Insistute (or WBI) the definition of workplace bullying is as follows:

“…repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is :

  • Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or
  • Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done, or
  • Verbal abuse

That “is driven by perpetrators’ need to control the targeted individual(s). It’s initiated by bullies who choose their targets, timing, location, and methods. It’s a set of acts of commission (doing things to others) or omission (withholding resources from others) Requires consequences for the targeted individual.

It usually escalates to involve others who side with the bully, either voluntarily or through coercion. Undermines legitimate business interests when bullies’ personal agendas take precedence over work itself. It’s akin to domestic violence at work, where the abuser is on the payroll.”