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Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

  • Marsha Rosenberg
    There will be an initial intake/assessment appointment where recommendations will be made for either further assessment, therapy, other referral.
    ✉ marshaslp@gmail.com

Applied Behavioral Therapy/Verbal Behavioral Therapy

  • Behavioral & Educational Consulting (BEC)
    Contact Name: Hiroaki Wemura
    Services provided: behavior therapy, consultation (office-visit, home-visit, and Skype), peer training, school shadowing, parent training, workshop, study group (“Wemura Jyuku”) and research.
    ☎ 078-242-5051, +81-78-242-5051 (From Outside of Japan)
    ✉ info@becintl.com
  • Tokyo ABA Support
    Contact Name: Kana Kitsukawa
    Services provided: individual and small group therapy sessions, educational consultation, seminars and workshops
    ☎ 03-6459-3526
    ✉ info@tokyoabasupport.org
  • Children Center
    Contact Name: Kozue Matsuda
    Services provided: Applied Behavioral Therapy/Verbal Behavioral Therapy
    ☎ 03-3797-3683
    ✉ info@children-center.jp
  • Mariana Kaufman
    Services provided: ABA support (individual sessions, tutoring for parents, shadowing, studies support) (English, Russian, Hebrew)
    ☎ 090-6002-9440
    ✉ marina.pasynsky@gmail.com
  • RISE
    Contact Name: Masanori Ishibashi
    Services provided: Behavior Therapy, School shadowing, Behavior consultation, and Workshop
    ✉ rise1484@gmail.com


  • Tokyo Academics
    Contact Name: Neil Nguyen
    Services provided: private tutoring & group classes for SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and other subject tests.
    ☎ 03-6451-2145 (English) 080-5876-1456 (Japanese)
    ✉ info@tokyoacademics.com
  • Tokyo Math
    Contact Name: Jon Sack
    Services provided: math tutoring for middle and high school students & SAT/ACT Preparation (online)
    ☎ 080-3354-1235
    ✉ jsack@asij.ac.jp
  • Dyslexia Tutor
    Contact Name: Timo Paul
    Services provided:basic dyslexia assessment (checking for memory difficulties, listening, writing and reading) and tutoring
    ☎ 080-3361-7753
    ✉ timokkp@icloud.com

Physical Therapy

  • Peggy Zee
    Services provided: physical therapy for infants and children. Available to see children/infants who needs physical therapy due to motor delays or disability. Work privately and can visit the child at his or her home within the Tokyo and Yokohama area.
    ☎ 045-6227528 or mobile: 080-50404915
    ✉ zeepeggy@gmail.com
  • Nydes Ishiwatari
    Services provided: Private Physical Therapy ‘ist / Physiotherapy ‘ist for infants and children. Available to see and evaluate the child, and create and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Physiotherapy is offered at the infants’ / child’s and adult home within the Tokyo, Yokohama and Saitama areas.
    ☎ 080-8431-3775
    ✉ physiotherapistni@gmail.com
  • https://sites.google.com/site/physiotherapyhelpyourhealth

Support Network

  • Tokyo Parent-Child Learning Group
    Contact Name: Melissa Woods Nelson
    For parents of kids who don’t quite fit the norm at school, whether dealing with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, learning differences, twice exceptional kids, or other differences. This group meets once a month in Aoyama, Tokyo and has a private Facebook group.
    ✉ melissawoodsnelson@me.com
  • Special Moms Tokyo
    Contact Name: Carolyn Morikawa
    For parents of children with special needs / learning differences who have completed their formal education. The group meets over lunch every other month and has a private Facebook group.
    ✉ ccam@jcom.home.ne.jp
  • EDGE (Japan Dyslexia Society)
    Contact Name: Eiko Todo
    A NPO to promote the knowledge of developmental dyslexia, provide support and tools such as assessment and solution to the difficulties dyslexic people face.
    ✉ edgewebinfo@npo-edge.jp


  • Mom Type
    Contact name: Harumi Gondo
    Services provided: seminars, trainings, study sessions and individual coaching with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Available to work with parents and children.
    ☎ 090-6291-1437
    ✉ momtypejapan@gmail.com