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Reiko Fujisawa (MA, ATR-BC, LCAT)

Reiko Fujisawa (MA, ATR-BC, LCAT)

MS. Fujisawa is a board certified art therapist and NYS licensed creative arts therapist

MS. Fujisawa is a board certified art therapist and NYS licensed creative arts therapist. She is a native of Japan. She graduated from New York University with a Master Degree in Art therapy and has been in the field for more than 15 years. She has received trainings from British Object Relations Institute, Beck Institute, Ackerman Institute for the Family, and recently AEDP Institute. She has worked at New York Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell Medical Center and other hospitals in NYC to provide individual and group psychotherapy, art therapy, CBT, yoga and mindfulness to patients. She has worked with from children to elderly people with a wide range of mental illness. She has facilitated numerous workshops and lectures at including Columbia University for mental health professionals, graduate school students in clinical psychology, and ordinary people and has published a number of articles regarding self- improvement and self-care through art therapy. She is also a yoga instructor. She loves poetry of Rumi and inspired by Thick Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle. She loves animals and is interested in aromatherapy.

• 略歴:2001年ニューヨーク大学大学院教育学部アートセラピー学科(修士)卒業後、NY市立エルムハースト病院、ウェル コーネル医大付属病院、マウントサイナイ セントルークス病院で、小児から高齢者の方まで幅広い層の精神疾患を持つ方にアートセラピー、英国対象関係論を始めとする精神力動学、認知行動療法、家族療法、加速化体験力動療法(AEDP)、ヨガ、マインドフルネスのトレーニング終了後、それらを統合した手法を用いながら臨床にあたる。2016年8月より外務省領事局ハーグ条約室にて児童心理専門員として勤務。 • 資格:サイコセラピスト、NY州認定クリエイティブアーツセラピスト、米国アートセラピー協会認定アートセラピスト

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