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Penny LaChance (LCSW)


Psychotherapist- Penny is an LCSW through the state of Florida

Penny Lachance is a Masters of Social Work graduate from the University of Southern California as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Being a military spouse, she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of regions with clients who range from early childhood to older adults. Having this experience inspired her to become trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches in order to provide individualized treatment tailored to the specific needs, experiences and goals of clients. Penny prioritizes creating connection with client-centered, non-judgmental dialogue. Through this working dynamic, clients are empowered to recognize and enhance their inner strengths.

Penny has dedicated her career to improving communities through individual and family growth in wellness. In addition to mental health services, she worked as a care manager providing medical, legal, financial, and social advocacy for those in the end-of-life stage. She provided public education through seminars on several topics relating to community and individual wellness. Penny also worked for a community-based organization that assisted high-risk adolescents/teens; providing individual, group, and family therapy. She later became the Mental Health Provider for a high school, where she provided individual treatment in addition to crisis management, threat assessment, and district-wide education on suicide awareness and prevention. She believes it is truly never too late for growth and satisfaction in one’s life, and has a passion for helping facilitate that through her knowledge and experience.

In her free time, Penny is exploring the beautiful island of Okinawa primarily through running and snorkeling. She is doing her best to learn Japanese and is regularly humbled by the challenge.