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Anum Shahroze Suzuki (MS)

Psychotherapist – Adult Individual

Anum was born and raised in Pakistan, and she moved to Okinawa in 2022. She is the first female in her family to graduate with a Masters degree.

Anum graduated in 2019 with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and has been practicing ever since. She is passionate about mental health and works with clients with grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and related issues.

Anum utilizes eclectic approaches tailored uniquely to each individual. She is dedicated to helping her clients navigate through the complex intricacies of healing by providing a safe space where the client feels heard, understood, and accepted.

She believes in filling your own cup before you pour into others’, and prioritizes self-care, dedicating time and effort to nurture her mental wellbeing. Anum loves gardening, painting, pottery, baking, playing piano, and spending quiet time in nature.